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3階 / 3F

3F / 3階

The third floor has tenant spaces designed to be used as offices. The 3rd floor can easily be accessed by the elevator オア stairs. From the wide balcony, Mt. Yotei can be seen in the distance. The tenant spaces have large front store windows which can be seen from Route 5. The attractiveness of the tenant spaces is increased by greater visibility from the road & neighborhood. The interior features flexible surfaces & spaces to support a wide variety of uses. Equipment, storage, & other functions are concentrated into space-saving forms & can support tenants with a wide range of needs.

Office space 63.76 ㎡ (41.19 jyo) Balcony space31.28 ㎡ (20.20 jyo) Elevator (capacity 3 persons, 200 kg) Spiral staircase ,Public shower + toilet ,Kitchen, induction stove ,Refrigerator ,Storage spaces (9 inside & 2 outside on 1st floor & 3rd floor) ,TV ,TV intercom ,Mailbox ,Work desk ,Reception table ,Cafe table ,Table chairs ,Microwave oven ,Electric kettle Equipment Heating & Cooling (air conditioner + floor heating) ,Ventilation ,Firefighting equipment ,Lighting ,TV wiring ,Telephone wiring ,Free Wi-Fi Exterior appearance Parking spaces (for 4 vehicles) Road heating equipment (hot water pipes: kerosene FF boiler) Equipment in case of emergency in each apartment (always on hand) ,Gas stove ,Lantern ,Heater ,Batteries ,Water ,Emergency food

事務スペース 63.76㎡(41.19帖) バルコニースペース 31.28㎡(20.20帖) エレベーター (定員3人200kg) 螺旋階段 パブリックシャワートイレ ,キッチンIHコンロ ,冷蔵庫 ,ストッカースペース(内部9か所・外部2か所:1F+3F) ,TV ,TVインターホン ,郵便受け ,事務机 ,応接テーブル ,カフェテーブル ,付帯イス ,電子レンジ ,電気ケトル 設備 暖冷房(エアコン+床下暖房) ,換気 ,消防設備 ,照明器具 ,TV配線 ,電話配線 ,Free Wi-Fi 外構 駐車場スペース(4台) ,ロードヒーティング布設(温水パイプ布設:灯油式FFボイラー) 災害非常時各戸常備品 ガスコンロ ,ランタン ,暖房機器 ,電池 ,水 ,非常食